Friday, July 01, 2022
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Under the Sun, There is Nothing New


The two people fell in love.

If any writer felt this was repetitive and didn’t write their book, we’d have a lot less novels, people.

Commonality is king- not distinction.

A first kiss feels exhilarating- write it that way, in your characters voice, but use those words if you need to.

Don’t be afraid to be cliche when people need you to be.  They are trying to connect with your characters in that moment, and they need to know how they feel.  They need to know your characters felt like them.

They’re scared and do it anyway.

Their heart beats fast when they think they might die.

They long for the people they love.

A lightsaber is awesome.

These are facts people!

Original writing is important, and having a distinct voice is vital, but if you are waiting to write until you can create something completely new, you’ll be waiting forever.

Sometimes I feel when I’m writing, this little thought will creep up to criticize me:  “This has been done before!”

Yes, yes it has.  A million different ways.

And that’s a mark of success, not failure.  We remastered art.

How many lily pads did Monet paint?  Were any less beautiful than the one before or after?

All artists use the same paint and make something slightly different with it.

So if you feel stuck because you don’t have a super original idea or concept, or you’re afraid something is too cliche, ask yourself if it’s still what your story needs, what your audience needs, or what you need.

And write it anyway.


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