Friday, July 01, 2022

About Me

I never got over that book about Walden pond…

I loved it (although I also quickly determined that unlike Thoreau, I did not want to live on a freezing lake, I wanted to live a life of adventure and meaning- just with other people- specifically, my people.

My husband and my four kids- who lead me along this journey to becoming who I am becoming by being with them, loving them, serving them, and feeling overjoyed by their smiles.

The characters in my fiction book are also my people (oddly enough, they re very alive to me and when I don’t know what to write, I imagine asking them sometimes.

My fellow parents at school and church, along with a huge mass of other moms I meet in passing at the library, guym, and elsewhere – you are also my people.

And most imporantly, who I wrote the blog for. 

Because I know the mom I want to be, but I fail. 

And so might you. 

And I’m in search of tools and ways we can fail less, succeed more, and find more meaning and simplicity in our days.  

I know it sounds impossible, but I’m crazy enough to believe in impossible things. 






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